December 22, 2023

How to mint PERQ

How to Mint the BRC-20 $PERQ

How to mint PERQ

Here’s a step by step guide on how to mint $PERQ,  

This tutorial works the same for both WL and public mints. 

The Whitelist mint will last for 48hrs, after which the remaining supply opens up to public mint. 

Things you’ll need:

-An Xverse Wallet
-Sats for fees

-Whitelist Allocation

First, navigate to the mint link on OrdinalsBot. Be sure you enter the right URL.

1. Connect Your Xverse Wallet

2. Copy your Ordinal Address

3. Paste your Ordinal Address into the Wallet Checker to see if you have a WL allocation

Whitelisted Wallets will display an allocation amount of 2000 PERQ or higher.
If it displays 0, you were not whitelisted & must wait for the public mint opening December 22nd, at 1:00pm EST

4. Click the Mint Now Button

5. Use the + sign to increase your mint amount up to your WL allocation amount.
(Increments of 100 means that higher amounts will require lots of button tapping)

6. Select your fee rate
The default setting is at Normal. It is NOT recommended that you select Economy, as your transaction will NOT be confirmed until the mempool drops to your selected fee rate.  Selecting Custom will allow you to choose your own fee rate. Choosing this option and increasing the fee rate slightly up from the Normal quoted amount, will speed up your transaction. But since we've seen all time highs for months, you need to decide what you're willing to pay, &/or how long you're willing to wait.

7. Approve transactions and monitor the hash for confirmation, after which OrdinalsBot transfers your PERQ directly into your Xverse Wallet.

That's it! Congrats if you were early enough to be here for the mint!