December 22, 2023

NiftySats Inscription Buyer's Guide

How to get Bitcoin Ordinals and Inscriptions

NiftySats Inscription Buyer's Guide

How to get NiftySats

So you like Ordinals? Check this out!

We inscribed 100 Bitcoin graphics as our OG NiftyPass ordinals in the range of 659k - 660k. What makes these sub1M inscriptions special, is that each NiftyPass grants the owner a free airdrop for every single volume and collection released by the NiftySats platform. Since we're kicking off with a 12 volume collection of 12 different and unique characters, this means that owning 1 NiftyPass guarantees you'll own 13 unique ordinals.

Find your NiftyPass on MagicEden, with an original listing price of 0.04 BTC.

BRC-20 as a Whitelist


$PERQ's 5M supply serves as our definitive whitelist for ALL future mints, which means holding a certain amount of $PERQ during any particular mint event automatically whitelists your wallet to mint freely.

Whitelist allocations to mint 2k PERQ for free are disbursed across multiple ordinal communities and collabs. Any remaining supply will be opened to public mint at a price of 0.000001 BTC per $PERQ on OrdinalsBot, while supplies last.

No less than 10% of any mint fee profits realized by NiftySats, will immediately be liquidated and donated to humanitarian efforts.