December 22, 2023

12 Volume Ordinal Collection

Explore the 12 Volume Ordinal Collection by NiftySats

12 Volume Ordinal Collection

NiftySats is launching a 12 Volume Set of Original Hand-Drawn Ordinals.

Each of these Nifty characters were originally developed for a comic strip series that never made it into circulation due to censorship and red tape. But Bitcoin's network is public and far greater than any local newspaper publisher. And Ordinal Theory enables these NiftySats to be inscribed on the time-chain and be preserved forever!

This 12 Volume set has a grand total of 11664 Ordinals, with diminishing supplies in each volume, kicking off with NudiSlugs, (the scientific name of "sea slugs" is Nudibranch). Their digital rendering is fully complete and they're ready for mint. Each subsequent volume will mint successively, with releases accelerating after the first 5 volumes are inscribed. Below you'll see hand sketched drawings of the next 11 character volumes that will make up the full collection.

Each Volume's Supply Diminishes Successively. 

Volume 1's NudiSlugs lead the pack with 3333 high energy invertebrate ready to party. 2222 MaxiTurdles come in next, and are still shell shocked by ordinals on their nodes. SilkToads are third with 1111 ready to ribbit... and so on and so forth, until finally only Bob is left. Bob is the guy that rescued all our friends from The Enchantress of he looks out for the whole #NiftyFam. Everybody knows a Bob. Bob's cool.
Check out the full breakdown in the chart below.

  • A supply of 100 ordinals from each volume is reserved as a free mint for NiftyPass holders (our sub1M ordinals).
  • A specified amount of $PERQ holdings for each Volume also Whitelists a wallet for free mint. (see chart)
  • The $PERQ snapshot requirements change dynamically, relative to each volume's supply.
A few more things to make note of:
  • A percentage of each volume is reserved for public mint.
  • Any whitelist mints that go unclaimed, will roll over to public mint.

You can see in the above chart, that only 13% of the supply will be available for public mint, with 87% of the total collection being reserved as a free mint for Whitelisted wallets. These wallets qualify by either A) holding 1 of 100 NiftyPasses, or B) holding X amount of $PERQ when an unannounced snapshot occurs.

$PERQ is a BRC-20 token that has been inscribed on an uncommon sat, and will be a free mint for Whitelisted addresses. Wallets can be whitelisted by either A) burning our legacy token for a 1:1 claim, or B) receiving one of the many WL spots we've provided to various Ordinal communities in the ecosystem.

NiftySats present NudiSlugs - Installment #1 in a 12 Volume Ordinal Collection

The NiftySats team held roughly 1.6M of our legacy token in the form of preexisting treasury supplies and vested team tokens, but our 4 founders relinquished ALL but 100k each (2%), for a total of 400k $PERQ going to team. This allowed 1.2M of our own $PERQ to be given away. That supply constitutes the Whitelist allocations we freely give out to existing ordinal communities..

We're doing this for three reasons:
  • Fair Distribution - We don't want to be BRC whales, we're slugs...and $PERQ is a tool, not an investment vehicle.
  • Fulfill Demand - Reduced financial risk to onboard...easy txn fee entry; holders aren't exit liquidity.
  • Community Focus - We want to build a squad of real collectors...a tokenized WL that's free makes that simpler.
Every Grassroots movement requires seeds to be sewn.

How does a BRC-20 improve a Whitelist process?
  • Physical feats and IRL videos for a whitelist can take more time and energy than some are willing to give.
    - Want to just hold this free native token instead?
  • Public mints get botted mercilessly and real users get stiffed. But we know $PERQ holders have either been down with our old community for a while, or have been contributing to new ordinal communities in the ecosystem. Congrats, you're a verified real one.
  • Even Whitelists themselves are being botted (and sold), but $PERQ is starting in the hands of real users, so they can't be front-run.
  • Don't like a collection? Sell the token to someone who does...then buy it back if you do like an upcoming mint.

Our focus at NiftySats is to build community and make dope jpegs. We want to pontificate all the Bitcoin things with likeminded inscribors that appreciate original art and rock our PFP's. We're excited to get people excited about Bitcoin, using fun characters that help personify and give life to one's wallet and social profile. Ordinals are an immensely powerful innovation full of possibilities, that gives Bitcoin a new application layer for the lay person that simply didn't exist before. Holding Bitcoin is wise. Using Bitcoin is practical. Inscribing on Bitcoin is fun!!

True ownership. Verifiable Provenance. Immutable data. Welcome to Ordinal Summer!