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NiftySats provides no-code software solutions for businesses to setup Lightning wallets for their customers, and issue  Bitcoin rewards for engaging with feedback prompts and various kinds of surveys.

Retention and  Loyalty are reimagined for the digital age with Email and SMS campaign tools that balance incentives between consumers and brands during first party data cultivation.

NiftySats - Bitcoin Wallets and Rewards Merchant Services

Bitcoin wallets
as a service.

Digital wallets are notoriously difficult to navigate for users that are new to Web3. Let's face it, learning to manage seed phrases, private keys, and network settings can be very confusing.  

But NiftySats simplifies the process, allowing your brand to facilitate Bitcoin wallets that your users create with just an email and password. Open this new medium of value exchange between your brand and customers today!

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Lightning Network
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Bitcoin Wallet Services for Business




Bitcoin is accepted globally as a form of payment and store of value.



Transactions are cheap and nearly instant on the Lightning Network.



Bitcoin rewards standardize international denominations.


= over 25,000 sats!

Bitcoin's divisibility makes even a small USD equivalent feel bigger.


system hacks

Distributed proof-of-work makes the network impenetrable.

the goals.

Create Web3 value with NiftySats


Our mission is to create innovative Web3 services that intersect with the real world. The goal is to educate and put Bitcoin in the hands of the many, before it can be controlled by the few.

Decentralized ownership of NiftySats


Our goal is to distribute sats to the non-investor, by incentivizing on-chain participation with the Bitcoin Protocol, via engaging events and tools.

NiftySats wants to Collaborate with Others


Our ethos is one of brotherhood and camaraderie for the advancement of Bitcoin. We set aside maximalism and divisiveness, seeking to build things that do good and provide value beyond monetary speculation.

the tools.

Bitcoin Wallets for Customers


Text or email survey links and invite customers to create their own non-custodial Bitcoin wallet. All it takes is an email address and password, and the new wallet gets linked to your brand.

Web3 Incentivized Surveys


Composable campaigns allow you to create surveys triggered by date, event, product type, or category. Easily track and aggregate customer responses in your dashboard.

Bitcoin Rewards for Surveys and Trivia


Incentivize engagement by rewarding customers with "sats" - fractional portions of a Bitcoin, for completing product surveys, or providing feedback about a purchase or event.

What does the press say?.

Read some of the articles posted about the original protocol called PackagePortal, to better understand the foundation on which NiftySats is built.

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...what sets them apart is their ability to provide a truly seamless user experience...

PackagePortal (NiftySats) is excited to announce the expansion of their crypto-based delivery verification and feedback platform. READ MORE.

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PackagePortal Builds on Their Unique Contactless Delivery Service

As a world in which ownership and financial sovereignty are paramount begins to dawn, enabled in part by the metaverse, PackagePortal will be leading the charge and smoothing the transition for retailers, logistic service providers, and consumers alike. READ MORE

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DeFi for Delivery Data

PackagePortal enables brands and consumers to reconnect at the moment of delivery, with a Web3 platform that tokenizes user feedback for post-purchase engagement


community ownership

Read how NiftySats not only benefits holders, but also seeks to impact global humanitarian efforts.