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Did you know the scientific term for sea-slugs is nudibranchs? Our 12 volume collection consists of totally original art from our own cartoonist, starting with 3333 versatile "NudiSlugs".


>Nifty Passes

We inscribed 100 NiftyPass graphics in the range of 659k - 660k, that grant owners first-run airdrops from all 12 Volumes in the NiftySats Collection, plus free mints forever on all future projects.

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All about ordinals.

Learn about Bitcoin Inscriptions and how to get NiftySats!

Frequently Asked Questions!

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At the most fundamental level, Ordinals are fragments of Bitcoin (sats) that are inscribed with particular data at a particular time. A recent update to the Bitcoin Network by Taproot, enabled the ability of storing bits of data on individual sats, so that images, message, and other small sized media formats, can be written directly onto the world's strongest network. This happens at the root level, without smart contracts or tokens being involved. Each unique inscription is numbered sequentially, based on its order of confirmation; hence the term Ordinal.

How are Ordinals and NFTs different?

Ordinals are different than existing NFTs on the Ethereum Network and other blockchains, in many ways. Traditional NFTs consist of thousands of different collections across dozens of different chains, each one containing its own smart contract able to mint new tokens for each collection. The image file or data associated is then stored on IPFS Servers, and the metadata in the corresponding token ID points to those servers. So traditional NFTs are essentially unique representatives of data that's stored somewhere else.

The world of Ordinals on the other hand, is much different. It is essentially like one giant collection that exists on one single network. There are no new tokens created or minted, and no need for outside servers hosting the files. Instead, existing sats are inscribed with data and the file(s) on that sat is then broadcasted to the network. These get assigned a sequential number as the network confirms the block containing the inscription transaction. So all image files and data is written directly onto the Sat, rather than IPFS, and are coded into the network's history for all time.

What are BRC-20 Tokens?

BRC-20 is an experimental fungible token standard using ordinal inscriptions on Bitcoin.

BRC-20 tokens are essentially ordinal inscriptions with a specific type of text embedded into them, providing a set of rules and specifications for creating and managing the tokens.

what makes niftysats so cool?

The OG NiftyPass and BRC-20 called PERQ act like a key to future mints & perks. Owning these unlocks exclusive Whitelisting access to all future ordinal collections released by us &/or artists we partner with.

Also, the art of the 12 volume collection itself is uniquely hand sketched, and unlike any of the commonly used animals or design styles. No derivatives, no AI or fiverr art, and no pixel art. Not to knock any of those, but our art is in a different lane, with a finely tuned homogeny between the 12 character collections.

Why do i want niftysats?

1. Hold 1 or more OG NiftyPasses, and get FREE mints for EVERY future collection, always.

2. Hold BTC Slugs because you like the art and want to stay liquid!