This space is new and exciting, but we want to be transparent about potential risks involved with crypto. Please do your own research and educate yourself before attempting your own blockchain transactions.

Tokens created and issued by NiftySats, formerly known as Package Portal Inc. [hereafter: 'we', 'us', 'our'] including but not limited to PORT, PERQ, NIFT  [hereafter: 'the tokens'] are never meant to be instruments of speculative investment. We make no promise, claim, inference, or implications of any profitability or "ROI" to be realized from the external trading of our tokens in public markets. The tokens exist for consumptive purposes, as a means of exchanging value on, and in connection with, our own platform and ecosystem.

The tokens serve as a means for unlocking and claiming exclusive access to bitcoin ordinals. Any supply of tokens in circulation possess immediate usability in our ecosystem. Be aware that using the tokens in any way outside of the ecosystem is done at your own risk, having acknowledged the general counsel provided in this disclaimer.

The Ordinals are fragments of Bitcoin that have been inscribed with art and/or data, and represent provenance within the NiftySats platform. Any ROI generated from buying a NiftySat Ordinal will not be derivative of founder efforts, but rather the result of individual and group efforts by NiftySats owners, who give their time and energy towards advancing any newfound functionality or applicable services.

May 20, 2022

Template release

Initial Blockchain X Webflow Ecommerce Template Release